[Suggestion] Shred product between vendors

4 years ago

I use nopcommerce to create some kind of "warehouse" - many vendors, many products etc. "MultiVendors" option is really great but also im little bit confused when i use it. For example when i have two vendors and they have same products with same name, same code and same or different price then i must add row for each product for each vendor in product table with the same name but different VendorId.

My idea is create another table to store VendorID and ProductId, and also table to store price or other product attribute, and table to store PriceId and ProducutId. What do you think about this?:)

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4 years ago
Hi Mateusz,

Thanks a lot for suggestion. Please vote for this work item here
4 years ago
I think this feature should be added as optional choices when applied.
Not overwriting the current condition.

a) When someone want to create a marketplace then current product - vendor assignment is already suffice.
b) When someone want to create some kind of "warehouse" for vendor like you do,
then this feature is a go.

In my opinion,
whenever two or more vendors are selling a same product, it still needs to be distinguish as a different object / entity because so many attributes that are attached to product (ex: tier pricing & discount).

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