Meta Tags

4 years ago
When you open the web site and you check to see the source code you see the meta tags.  Where is the file in nonCommerce that contains the meta tags for the index page?  I want to edit them.
4 years ago
Under administration :

Configuration->Settings->General and Misc.

Then click on the SEO tab.

4 years ago
Thank you--Thank you-------There all the time and I've been looking in the wrong place !!
4 years ago
Thanks for listing the section where the meta tags can be found.
I would like to add more meta tags, ie... the code google, bing, and pinterest send you to make sure your site is approved.

How do I add more meta sections??
I cannot even find the page to download and add there.
There is prob 3 more Meta tag fields I would like to add.

Can this be done?
4 years ago
Danny o
There is not enough meta avail.
I would like to add 5 more??
How is this done?

Where are they located now and can i download and just hard code it?
4 years ago
Which page do you want to add tag home page or every page ?
4 years ago
The home page. I want to add the google, bing, yahoo, and pinterest verification tags.
4 years ago
lwflowers wrote:
The home page. I want to add the google, bing, yahoo, and pinterest verification tags.

You can go into the code view and add additional meta tags:

Or possibly, if you have a 3rd party theme, it's settings may allow you to add things to the <head> section from the admin area.

Also...FYI...each product that you create/edit, and each new topic page will allow you to edit it's particular unique SEO values as well.
4 years ago

approximately line 24

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html @Html.Partial("LanguageAttributes")>
    <meta http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html;charset=UTF-8" />
    <meta name="description" content="@(Html.NopMetaDescription())" />
    <meta name="keywords" content="@(Html.NopMetaKeywords())" />
    <meta name="generator" content="nopCommerce" />
<!-- add new meta tags here -->

..but be aware that inserting meta tags here will actually cause them to appear on all your public pages...not just the Home page

And...if you have a custom theme, you will need to edit the _Root.Head.cshtml located inside your theme folder instead:
4 years ago
awesome and thank you for the reply. I will try that