11 years ago

Is this application good practice of an n-tier application?

11 years ago
We plan to rewrite nopCommerce architecture to support n-tier (in-proc, WCF and Web-services). So presentation layer, BLL and DAL can be hosted on different servers.
11 years ago
So is it now already n-tier if all together on one server?
11 years ago
n-Tier is more about where the code / processes run, and n-Layer is more about how the code is logically grouped (BLL, DAL, Presentation layer).

We can talk about nopCommerce as 3-Tier application, if we talk about an user browser, IIS, and database. They all run on 3 separate physical machines, each separated by a network. This way nopCommerce is n-Tier application.

But I was talking about plans to support separating BLL, DAL and presentation layer to separate physical machines.
2 years ago

I want to separate nopCommerce into 3 layers because I want separate sever for each layer.
1st one will have database.
2nd one will access the database(Manipulate data).
3rd one will have nopCommerce installed which will get/post data using 2nd server.

I was thinking to create Web API project for the second server and 3rd sever will use the second server(API) to get/post data. But It will need significant work.

Is there any quick/better/alternative way to do it?
1 year ago
Any updates on this ? is this possible in nopcommerce now ?