how can add new paymet method in list payment in page onepagecheckout

4 years ago
I have a new payment method. Once the shipment disabled list did not add that this new payment. How do I add this payment in the payment list.
4 years ago
If I get you right you must download the plug-in from 'extensions and themes' directory. Then Go to configuration -> Plugins -> Follow instructions there and add payment method -> Configuration -> Payment methods -> Check "is active"
4 years ago
Hello,Thanks for replay.
I wrote this module. I did not download
I've activated module
shipment is activated when the payment is in the list. But when I disable it in the list of payments does not exist.
4 years ago
Do you have only one payment method? If you have only one then payment method automatically set.
4 years ago
Thanks For Replay,
No I have 3 method . Two methods are shown, but the man that I created myself not shown
I do not know where should I change to this method comes in the list of methods.
The problem is that when I disable shiping.
4 years ago
Can you show us the source code. So we can solve this.
4 years ago
Did you copy an existing payment method plugin source code as a starting point for your code?  (which one?)
You need to implement IPaymentMethod.

Describe "problem is that when I disable shiping."