3.80 installed in subfolder. Everything is fine except for PayPal callbacks on transactions

3 years ago
I am using 3.80 non-source and have setup a subfolder on my main website for the nopCommerce installation. I use ssl on my main site and have set nopC for all pages in ssl.

I do get a warning in admin->system

Specified store URL (http://www.smtdesigns.com/store/) doesn't match this store URL (http://www.smtdesigns.com/store/store/)

Under store, I have the store url as http://www.smtdesigns.com/store (nopCommerce always adds a / after the entry). I have the ssl url set as https://www.smtdesigns.com.

This combination works for everything except the callbacks from bot paypal standard and paypal express.

The url that paypal attempts to use is www.smtdesigns.com/store/store/"etc" no ssl and the duplicity of the word store. I have set the correct url on PayPal's side, but they either ignore it or nopCommerce is redirecting it maybe?

I have the store folder as a virtual folder on my webhost.

I am not sure where to go from here to find the "extra" word, so I thought someone would be able to point me in the right direction.

Also, I have devoted a lot of time, so re-installing and starting over is not in the plan.

Thanks for any insight.

Steve Thatcher
3 years ago
What value do you have saved at Paypal in your ReturnURL settings?
I think it should be:

Please confirm that.
3 years ago
I actually have PayPal setup with that specific URL, but PayPal seems to ignore it. When I hover on the Cancel and Return at PayPal, that URL is also wrong and includes "store" replicated twice. I have already tried changing the nopCommerce side to not include "store" in the store url but then it can't find the product images. Just gave me an idea to create a "duplicate folder" with all the images moved down to the root of my main site, so images at least can be found. I would at least like to test that as a possible work around. Thanks for the idea... :)
3 years ago
this is one of those "go figures." The 3.80 was installed in a "store" subfolder. If I change my store url from http://www.smtdesigns.com/store/ to http://www.smtdesigns.com/ Pay Standard now works and returns me back to the order page and says order confirmed. PayPal Express, however, thinks the order came from www.smtdesigns.com/cart and will work properly.

Of note, PayPal Express still had an issue, so I am disabling that and will use PayPal standard which at least goes full circle properly.

There is a discrepancy between the two plugins. Maybe when I have time I will try to locate it.
3 years ago
Cool...glad you figured something out!
Yeah, I have never been satisfied with any of the PayPal Express implementations..
3 years ago
understand about PayPal Express. It really didn't integrate very well with its separate button next to Checkout with no explanation. It did work better initially than standard. Obviously PayPal is ignoring its settings with standard and using something in the call to them instead. AT least I finally had the PDT handler work and show me a response.