Searching Associated Products under Grouped Product

3 years ago
We have grouped products on our site with associated products each with a different SKU.  When you go to our site to search for one of the associated products, we get zero search results.  We only get search results when it is something contained in the grouped product only.  How do we allow for searching our associated products under that group.

I.e. We have sunglasses with the name Starlite.  Under that group there are different colors and attributes.  We would like for people to be able to search a color name or the product number to find the specific glasses they are looking for under the Starlite grouped product.
3 years ago
Are those associated products marked Visible individually or not published?

In the documentation at "" under the "Adding new grouped product" heading it mentions the search results and the Visible Individually.
3 years ago
They are NOT marked for visible individually.  We would rather you see just the main grouped item on the page, then click on that to see the options for that product.  Otherwise, there really isn't a need for the grouped product if we click them all to be visible individually.    

They are clicked Published.

I used that linked you sent when I was setting up the grouped products.  So if they are not marked as individual, then they cannot be searched that way I gather?
3 years ago
I second this.. we have some grouped products to help lessen a bloated product listing in some categories, and we are disappointed that we cant search for them, even though they have a SKU attached.

I can understand why it won't show up if the variants aren't setup to be Shown Individually as there would be no page for it to send it to, but it would be nice if the search could be programmed intelligently enough to at least send the customer to the main grouped page instead of having zero results.


2 years ago
On v.4 you can search them by setting the simple product variants to "visible individually." This works, and when they are clicked in the search results they go to the parent product page.