No Index Functionality for PPC

2 years ago
Marketing Team are setting up pages specifically for PPC which need to be noindex-ed as they conflict with existing content pages.

Adding this exclusion to the robots.txt essentially stops the pages from being crawled again, it doesn't take them out of the index.  Therefore these pages will remain in the index.  

This also won't solve the issue going forwards as every time we want to create a new PPC page it will need to be added to the robots.txt which will take time for the development team to implement.  

What we really need is the ability to noindex a page as soon as it is created.  This is standard functionality in most CMSs - can anyone advise can this be done within Nop or is there a plugin that can do this?

2 years ago
Hi Colin,

How exactly do you create thee PPC pages? Using topics? Please clarify
2 years ago
Hi Andrei,

We are creating the pages using the categories tab then populating them with relevant product.
Does this answer your question?


2 years ago
Thanks a lot! I've just created a work item