Manually Importing Images Nopcommerce 4.0

2 years ago
Hello Fellow Developers! Right now, i am trying to add my clients inventory into nopcommerce. Any advice in how to import the pictures?
I am trying to import them manually, but i still do not understand fully how nop handles pictures and assign them to products yet, especially when they are saved in the file system.
Any tip for this would be welcome
2 years ago

First of all sku plays vital role while importing inventory.

If sku is matches with db than item is updated.

Otherwise,item is inserted.

If you concern with picture than you might to do this.

Export your inventory.

Than mention fully qualified image path in your sheet.

Import again same file which you modified.

The best way to do split Excel shit if you have huge record.
2 years ago
You can try NopAdmin, which helps import products and product images (together with some other advanced features) into nopCommerce.

2 years ago
THanks for everyone's answer! I used Excel import and it worked.