nopCommerce_4.00_nosource.rar appears broken

2 years ago
I'm upgrading my site to 4.0, but the nopCommerce_4.00_nosource.rar file appears to be very disorganized and wrong.

There's no bin folder, but there is a wwwroot folder. But some of the contents of the _actual_ root folder include stuff that should be in a bin folder, and some stuff that should be in wwwroot. But obviously the contents of wwwroot should be at the _actual_ root folder.

Is there any chance of getting this fixed soon, or a reference list of what is supposed to go where so I can reorganize all the files to be in the correct locations?
2 years ago
Changes are related with migration to ASP.NET Core 2.0. The file structure has changed.

More information about changes and current structure you can find in the official documentation:

2 years ago
Thank you Patryk,

I was able to get the site running with the new code.

However, the original problem that caused me to upgrade is that captcha v1 stopped working. I assumed 4.00 would have a working captcha, but it appears to also be using v1 and so I am still stuck.

If nopCommerce supports the newer captcha, how do I turn it on, or switch to the working version?
2 years ago
More information. I did find the advanced setting to update to v2 in nopCommerce. Sadly, no changes I'm making in the configuration screen are actually being saved. I click the save button at the top of the screen, the banner says settings are saved, but the settings values aren't changed on the screen.

This includes the captcha version setting, as well as my logo image. Apparently the upgrade to 4.00 didn't totally work, but I don't see any errors to indicate why it is failing.

My runtime environment is an Azure web app, and I did the upgrade using git with a local repo. I pulled the old site down with git, replaced all the files with 4.00, did a git commit/push back to the Azure site.

As I say, the site is mostly working, but I can't change settings, and of course can't register new users because the captcha won't switch to v2.