Product Prices Don't Change with attribute with Discount

2 years ago

I am using NopCommerce 4.0. In product attribute combination I am using overridden price to change price with attribute. After application of discount percentage, each attribute price changes accordingly but product price remains same like I have size attribute:

small: $10
medium: $14
Large: $17

With a 10% discount on each, When I apply discount, its seems like:

small: Price $10 (Your Price: $9)
medium: Price $10 (Your Price: $12.6)
Large: Price $10 (Your Price: $15.3)

It creates confusion for customers.
If anyone can help with this..
8 months ago
Can anyone help with this? What is the correct way of doing it. It happens on 3.5 too.
Thank you.
8 months ago
If someone came up with this, if you applied this changes, you will solve the problem