google conversion tracking?

10 years ago
anyone setup the tracking code for google to trace conversions for ads or just for general search analytics?
10 years ago
Are you talking about adwords conversion? I haven't done this yet for nopCommerce but I did recently for a client who is on Magento.   Assuming the action you are tracking is through check out, you simply drop the generated code into your checkout page.  For nopCommerce I "believe" that would be checkoutcompleted.aspx, as you wouldn't want to track anything until it is actually completed.

However, since nopCommerce uses master pages I am not sure what would work.  Because the conversion script is not calling any DOM elements (that I know of)  then you wouldn't have to worry about placing it directly inside of the content control.  If that doesn't work then I would try loading the script from code behind.  If that doesn't work then I guess you would have to place it in the master page but you may not get the desired tracking you want because the master page is used in more places than just checkoutcompleted.aspx.  If I had to resort to this I would probably just create a new master page just for the completedcheckoutpage.

Maybe the short answer is "I am not sure".  Sorry this wasn't more helpful.
10 years ago
Haha thanks, yeah looks like you were thinking out loud ;)
I put that code in the checkoutcompleted.ascx a while back, but i havent been able to confirm if it is working correctly or not.. either my adwords are not very effective, or its not doing what it should.

There is also conversion tracking for analytics... kinda sucks that they are two different things. But it looks like this is just triggered by a visit to a specified URL. hrm.
10 years ago
Thinking out loud for sure.  

I guess I would try clicking on one of your adword adds from google and then complete a dummy purchase based on that link you clicked.  That will tell you if the adwords script is working at all.  If it's not, then try adding a "hello world" alert in the same place you placed the google code.  It that works then your google code should work as well.  I think ....

Let me know what you find out as I will need to know in the future.  I haven't put any clients on nop yet because I have some customizations I haven't finished yet.  I plan on steering clients to this platform in the future and that adword code will definitely come up.  Thanks for being the guinea pig.
10 years ago
I'll let you know when I get a chance to try it. just fyi, the site Im working on is
10 years ago
Looks good.

Not sure if this is what you wanted but if you want to remove the blue dotted box around your menu links when clicked add a:active{outline:none} after your a:hover declaration and for good measure .nav1 ul{outline:none}.

Just a suggestion.  The site is pretty clean and that might help.
10 years ago
We had a problem with dotted outline boxes showing up before, but I can't seem to reproduce what you are describing? which browser/version are you using? Thanks for the input
10 years ago
Firefox 3.64.  I did not see this in Chrome but ie 8 only had the outline around the 'a' element.  It was white and not as noticeable.

I could not reproduce the outline around the entire 'ul' element locally in firefox but I did remove all of the dotted borders around the 'a' element using the code below.  It's not a huge deal but I think your a:hover is nice and clean with that shade of blue and you wouldn't want the extra dotted border.  Here is some code I tried that removed it on ie8, opera 10, firefox 3.64, and even ie6.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

<html xmlns="">
    body{background-color:#000;font:bold .75em Arial }
    .nav1{height:50px;padding:15px 0 0;width:960px}
    *, ul, li{border:0 none;margin:0}
    .nav1 ul{list-style-type:none;width:960px;outline:none}
    .nav1 li, .nav1 li a, .nav1 li p{float:left}
    .nav1 li p{margin:0 10px;color:#fff}
    .nav1 li a{display:block;height:50px;outline:none;text-decoration:none;font-size:1.2em}
<div class="nav1">
<li><a href="#">PRODUCTS</a><p>|</p></li>
<li><a href="#">NEWS</a><p>|</p></li>
<li><a href="#">TEAMS</a><p>|</p></li>
<li><a href="#">CONNECT</a></li>
10 years ago
Ah i just upgraded firefox (still had 3.5) and now I see it. Thanks, I'll get it fixed up!

What are some of the projects you've done or are working on?
10 years ago
I just finished on Magento.  This was my first eCommerce project.  All of the other work I have done was for mortgage and insurance companies (I'm a former and recovering mortgage broker. It wasn't my fault!).  Mostly simple sites with calculators contact forms etc.

I originally tried to put my steepplanet clients on nopCommerce but in the end I had so much customized code I got spooked about upgrades.  My clients never really liked the backend (nor do I) so we switched mid stream to Magento.  They loved my customizations and want me to duplicate them for Magento but I am not as good at php and Magento is unbelievable complex and bloated.  I still believe nopCommerce will end up being vastly superior to Magento but it still has some more work to do.

The customizations I made were attribute mapping and stock control for attribute combination's.  I did all of this on 1.4 and then the nop team integrated their own version in 1.6.  I liked my implementation a bit more because I thought it was more clear for the user and well... it was mine.  The best feature was that I added a jquery script that allowed the user to hover over color and size swatches that would enable or disable certain color/size combination's based on the stock quantity, from the client side.  It looked exactly like what does.  I also added copied their 'QuickLook' feature from the product grid.  It was really slick.   I also added the ability to store images on file or in the database with multiple image uploads at the same time.

I still have all of the code and was planning to post it at some point but with the new ORM most of the code is useless.  I am glad the team switched because adding a couple of columns to the db makes for a lot of work on the old DAL.  

In between current projects I am going to work on a more user friendly back end and some sort of 'modular attribute widget'.  ProductAttributes.ascx.cs is where all the magic can happen for the store owner and end user.  There are a lot of interested things that can be done there.  

I'll stop.  Stay tuned.