ALIPAY PAYMENT MODULE 4.1 can't be used in Chinese language state

2 years ago
ALIPAY PAYMENT MODULE  4.1  can't be used in Chinese  language  state

internal string GetMD5(string input)
            var md5 = new MD5CryptoServiceProvider();
            var t = md5.ComputeHash(Encoding.GetEncoding(InputCharset).GetBytes(input));
            var sb = new StringBuilder(32);

            foreach (var b in t)
                sb.AppendFormat("{0:x}", b);
                //  sb.AppendFormat("{0:X}", b);

            return sb.ToString();

2 years ago
Did it work fine for 4.00?

Could you please provide more info? What error are getting?
2 years ago
4.0 is ok.


Actually, the order has been completed. Is it a coding problem?   Can't work in the Chinese language?
2 years ago
Please specify where you get an error?

How long have you tested version 4.00?
2 years ago
4.1,Update the latest version of the browser。  ALIPAY PAYMENT MODULE 4.1   Work is very good。But not all browsers are up to date
2 years ago
I have a question about Nopcommerce Alipay 4.0 Plugin created by Nopcommerce Team.
When I checked the source code, it is only for Domestic Alipay Users.

The alipay account I applied for is
I updated alipayNotifyUrl and Post url here

In AliPayPaymentProcessor.cs
LINE 27-28
private const string ShowUrl = "";
        private const string Service = "create_forex_trade";

Line 134-139
  var post = new RemotePost
                FormName = "alipaysubmit",
                Url = "",
                Method = "POST"

In PaymentAliPayController.cs
LINE 114
            var alipayNotifyUrl = $"{partner}&notify_id={model.Form["notify_id"]}";

After I rebuilt the plugin and tested it, it shows "ILLEGAL_SIGN"

Can anyone please help?