nopCommerce Azure CI/CD install, plugin DLLs do not get copied

1 year ago
Hello All,

We have been struggling with this issue for several days now in trying to deploy our nopCommerce 4.1 app through Azure CI/CD.

When we build a pipeline and run it, the compiled plugin DLLs do not get copied to the site (wwwroot). Only views folders inside the plugins (and any other file like json files) get copied. The dll files (for example nivoslider.dll) do not get copied. (Maybe they do get copied and then erased, not sure)

Is there a change we need to make in the csproj files?
If yes which projects? Nop.Web.csproj file? Or all plugin .csproj files?
I am not sure if this is an Azure issue or nopCommerce specific issue.

1 year ago
did you fix this? I have the same problem but in 3.90 version
1 year ago

I have the same issue with NopCommerce 4.20 and Azure App Sevice Linux and deployment via Visual Studio 2019 Web Deploy.
Solution might be Azure VM or App Service Containers. But it is completely different beast.
1 year ago

Does anyone have a working azure CI/CD solution? My main problem are the plugins. This seems to be working fine locally, but when building/deploying with azure devops, the plugins folder doesn't contain any dll.
3 months ago
I'm facing same issues, Anyone get solution for this?

Thank You
3 months ago
3 months ago
Just came across this thread while trying to solve the same issue. I have my CI/CD pipeline working now (for me Azure Pipelines but it shouldn't matter) so I thought I'd share.

The end of this article says to add extra build tasks for each plugin before the main build. I tried adding all my plugin builds separately but ended up just running my msbuild task twice. First time with args /t:build and second time with package parameters.

When building the solution the target output from the plugins arrives in Nop.Web/plugins too late and they are not picked up in time for the package operation. Building twice ensures that all referenced plugins that the solution references make it into the temporary build location before being packaged.

Hope that helps.