URL mask not working correctly with our Site (iframe/xframe issue? or something else?)

1 year ago
Hi folks, hopefully someone can help us out here, been searching the web for over a week for a solution and can't seem to find anything that works.

this is our current site:

http://omnisecur.com    (no url mask)

http://omnisecure.ca    (with url mask)

This is the same site, just 2 different links, to test the mask issues..

The No Mask link, all works great.. login, register, contact us, language selection, etc...

With the Mask link, we can't change language, we can't access the contact us page or any of the order/login/cart/etc. pages.

I'm not great at web designs but I can get around, but this is completely out of my area of expertise.

Please help.
1 year ago
Anyone has any ideas on my issue?
1 year ago
That is a little bit confusing...

What you are trying to do? Or, what exactly do you need?