Multi-Currency support in Paypal + Payment Plans

1 year ago
I am looking to hire someone asap to complete project within 2 to 3 days

Issue :

I accept CAD and USD

CAD prices = same as USD, just in different currency

so if widget = $1USD for a USA customer it is $1CAD for a Canadian customer

I need to be able to send CAD (my secondary currency) to paypal for canadians with the set 1 to 1 value and charge them in CAD not USD

issue is for Paypal.

It's setup for stripe and works aok for stripe.  I don't need any help with stripe just paypal

#2 : I need someone to setup or show me how to setup billing option - for one sku in both stripe and paypal (supporting canadian and american customers)

eg : product123 = 2 easy payments (30 day interval) of $187 each month (2 payments)

USD customers pay $187 and CAD pay $187


work needs to be done in the next 2 days.
1 year ago

We can able to do in your timeline.

Kindly check your private message for same.

1 year ago

I will help you with your requirement. Please get me in touch.

Email: [email protected]

Skype me: cis.vincent

1 year ago
Please check your PM

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