Which e-mail solution are most of you using, for sending e-mails from nopCommerce?

10 months ago

I've been struggling with getting nopCommerce to send out e-mails, and I really need to figure this out.

I really don't care where which server the e-mails originate from, just as long as they get sent.

I am using Everleap as my hosting provider (which provides e-mail services) as well as Office 365. My first choice is to use Office 365, but it looks like they insist on using TLS which is not an option within nopCommerce.

Can somebody point me in the right direction as to how to get this working?

Thanks in advance :)
10 months ago
Have a look at the SendinBlue Plugin.

It's easy to setup and you can create an account with send in blue.

10 months ago
(SendInBlue is for "automation marketing campaigns services".  You don't need all that to just send emails)

RE: "I've been struggling with getting nopCommerce to send out e-mails"
I don't see any posts from you on such problems. Your hosting provider's email should work just fine.  You should be able to set it up with port 25 without concern for 'secure' since your host's servers are all on their internal network.  Set up your default email account in nopCommerce, and use the TEST button first.  Post your problems / error messages here.
10 months ago
Thanks both of you - I got this working with my host provider - it was one small setting I was overlooking.
10 months ago
I currently use SendGrid free account, with no issues. Interested to try out sendinblue feature set on my dev store once we switch over to 4.2