Contributing to MarketPlace?

11 months ago
How do you get awarded contributor privileges to upload to MarketPlace?

For a customer today I needed to install Italian, English, French and German language packs (Nop v4.2) and the ones I found online were either not free or missing resource values, so I used an automatic translator to generate my own and thought it would be useful to share them with other developers, except I can't find an upload link.

Is that because you need to be awarded contributor privileges to upload content to MarketPlace or do I have a browser problem (I'm using Microsoft Edge)?

The "Interested in uploading your extensions? Please click here for more info" link at the bottom of the page redirects to a page which shows me the list of things I could theoretically do but can't.

Anyway for now I've gone and put the ITALIAN, FRENCH, GERMAN and SPANISH NopCommerce 4.2 language packs on the following test NopCommerce site:

Please be aware the files were automatically generated, they haven't been checked and will have some mistakes!
11 months ago
You need to login in to your account. Go to the my account page and select Your Contributions and Extensions Tab.

You will find a upload link.

If you are submitting anything that is auto generated as you said, we would suggest that this in clearly note this in bold and how it was generated.

Do note it is more than likely that many of the translations are incorrect.