Uploading Plugin to Marketplace

1 year ago

I have developed a plugin a few months back for nopCommerce 3.90 for Sage Pay South Africa. I just finished updating the plugin for nopCommerce 4.20. Both have been tested by the staff at Sage Pay South Africa, and they gave me their  permission to upload both the plugins on the marketplace.

I just tried that, but it seems that only my nopCommerce 4.20 plugin was accepted:


Could it be that my descriptions for the nopCommerce 3.90 version of the plugin was too similar to v4.20.

Or should I include both versions of the plugin in the ZIP file?

How would I get my v3.90 plugin be accepted for publishing?


Jaco Ferreira
1 year ago
Hi Jaco,

You do not need to submit this plugin separately. Check this, you can have single plugin and mark availability for different nopCommerce version like this.

Hope it helps.