Featured products

9 months ago
hi i deleted the value Featured products from the language
and now i have this problem

how i can to delete this homepage.products
and how i can to edit it
9 months ago

This is a string resource. If you want to remove that title, you will have to go to the razor view files of nopCommerce, and open this file: \Views\Shared\Components\HomepageCategories\Default.cshtml. Then delete or comment this section of the code:
<h2 class="title">
  <a href="@Url.RouteUrl("Category", new { SeName = item.SeName })" title="@item.PictureModel.Title">

If you want to change the text you can just add the resource again with a new value. To do that you can go to he Administration -> Configuration -> Languages and Edit on your language, then go to Add new record and add a new resource with name homepage.products and value the text you want to show there.

I hope I could help,