Installation failure, nopcommerce 4.1 on Azure

9 months ago
I try to install nopcommerce 4.1 om Azure webapp and get following error.

Setup failed: An error occurred while creating the database: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. CREATE DATABASE operation failed. Internal service error.

I have deployed 4.1 self contained.

When i look at the sql server the actual database have been created.

any ideas ?
9 months ago
Looks like some of the queries are taking longer than the default timeout period defined to execute. This may be caused by several reasons.
You can increase the timeout period in the connection string and retry the installation process but this is a temporary workaround only. If it occurs during installation, chances are it will reappear during some other operations so you may need to figure out the actual cause. Since you are trying the installation with the clean version I suspect the database generated query plan cache is incorrect which resulted in the timeout.

Plus, I think it will be better if you first create a clean database and try installing the application using it rather than creating the database from the installation page.