HTTP Error 502.5 - Process Failure

10 months ago

The Error Result As show blew :-
"An error occurred while starting the application.
.NET Core 4.6.28008.02 X86 v4.0.0.0    |   Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting version 2.2.0-rtm-35687    |    Microsoft Windows 10.0.14393"

i have download nopcommerce version 4.20 and installed it in visual studio,creating data base and so on . it run locally with no problem when i publish it to azure i found 502.5 process failure error
i tried to publish it on IIS and change identity of site pool and it running successfully . i upload the result of publish  of IIS to azure and still found this error at screen attached i also modify the stdlog and set the (stdoutLogEnabled="True")  and still find the same problem . any solution ?
10 months ago

Are there any files created in the ~/Logs directory since you enabled the stdoutlog? If yes, the error details should be logged into one of the files (or all of them). Could you share that with us so we can advise you on what to do?