Facebook Dynamic Ad : Steps To Create Catelog via Pixel

1 year ago
Dear Community,
I am trying to automate digital marketing of webstore 4.2 version via facebook Dynamic Ad.

Inorder for me to connect my webstore products with facebook and automatically pull products , I
need to add MicroData Tags for Catelogues . Then my installed pixel will be able to pull the data.

I request someone who has experience in this to kindly provide steps by steps instructions for version 4.2 .

Thank you community.
1 year ago
Is there any Gold / Silver Partner working on developing a Plugin to
add products via pixel to Facebook Catalogue and via google crawl to add to Google Merchant center.

I think there will be a good demand for automation of re targeting ads via facebook and google shopping network.
2 months ago
Could someone connect with the facebook pixel and microdata to make a catalog on facebook? Has anyone the steps to do it?