New Products issues detected - by google - version 4.2

5 months ago
Version 4.2

Just gone live with my new nopcommerce site

Got an email the same day from google as below:

Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 8 Products issues:
Top Warnings
Warnings are suggestions for improvement. Some warnings can enhance your appearance on Search; some might become errors in the future. The following warnings were found on your site:

Missing field 'url'
Missing field 'aggregateRating'
No global identifier provided (e.g. gtin, mpn, isbn)
Missing field 'sku'
Missing field 'priceValidUntil'

is there some way to fill in this data on the prduct speradsheet I upload?

SKU is ok, im jut not displaying this - but the rest I havent a clue !

any ideas???
5 months ago
This should be related to, which is an optional thing. Depending on what theme you are using, there may be syntax error in the theme's implementation. :)

4 months ago
Has anyone found a solution for this?  This is a pretty big deal.  Google doesn't like Errors.

Seems like a pretty simple fix to add the aggregate rating if you have reviews turned on.
4 months ago
You have two solutions.
1. Purchase external plugin, example my plugin

2. Add new markup in cshtml files. See how nop team added existing markup for price, breadcrumbs, etc.
3 months ago
im too facing the same issue with richtext plugin,
google always says MPIN, GTIN, Review, Mfg Name not found on page, when contacted plugin developer they say everything is clear from their end.
now who's problem is this to solve ?
1) Google ? 2) Foxnet ? 3) nopcommerce
anyone please help on this
3 months ago
Open product in admin mode and add GTIN, or manufacturer part number.
You need to add it itself.  Plugin reads these values.

Does your product have  reviews? Do you see them in nopcommerce admin mode?