NOP 4.20 (.net core 2.2) - custom scheduled task as a console application or other type of application

9 months ago
Hi ,

We are planning an upgrade from NOP 3.70 to NOP 4.20 with all plugins and customizations that we have in the project.

For some scheduled tasks like inventory import we have been using a .net win forms application that was referencing dll's - Nop.Core/ Nop.Data / Nop.Services/ Nop.Web.Framework
We also added .config file with needed sections and Settings.txt in App_Data folder this way app was behaving similar to Nop.Web and we could code in diffrent imports or exports.

Can anyone give me an example of such app for NOP 4.20 in .NET Core?

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9 months ago
We had similar requirement and we handled those by creating windows service and executing it with the use of timer class.