Hi all,
Let me offer a quick bit of background info. Back in 2001 I build an e-commerce site for a motorcycle dealer client. It used classic ASP and SQL. This solution ran with miner tweaks until 2012 when it was really in need of a redesign. By then there were many OpenSource ecommerce solutions available and so rather than develop a new one from scratch it seemed sensible to adopt an existing one.
About this time the motorcycle franchisor made moves to offer a unified solution to all their franchisees, but in the past 6 years despite many changes that has never proven successful for anything other than the motor vehicles element. My client now wishes to extract all apparel, and many parts and accessories into a separate solution that they can manage directly. I have recommended nopCommerce for this task.
The dealer management system runs on Catalyst Platinum O and this includes integration with cash registers for on premises sales. All available products are stored in Catalyst and this data is synchronised with Catalyst online several times during the day. I can run a routine to generate an XML file of the data held with Catalyst and plan to use this to populate and update nopCommerce. Similarly, when a sale is achieved online we need to push data back the way to update stock holdings etc.
Now, before I embark of writing the code needed to conduct this data synchronisation, I thought it wise to check with the online community first just in case someone has already created something similar and might be willing to share or sell their solution.