I am using  the nopCommerce 3.60 version. Currently, we are using the Payments.PayPalDirect plugin (see the config screen https://snipboard.io/H7lebr.jpg). We are transitioning to a new version (4.20), however it seems that the support for   for Payments.PayPalDirect plugin has been dropped some time ago. I want to be able to charge Credit cards during the checkout just like the old version. I saw that some express and smart plugins but they either redirect the traffic to Paypal site or they make it clear that payment is done via Paypal. I want this to be transparent to user (i.e. they should not be aware of the transaction handling processes). I also, don't want to deal with a third party(such as braintree or payment processing networks etc.), but just manage everything through PayPal.

Can you suggest me an alternative, any  solution?