Rating is temporarily unavailable, please try again later. Nop Commerce 4.2 fedex plugin issue

1 year ago
Hi All,

I have recently started working on nop commerce 4.2 version. I have added FedEx plugin for the shipping. refer the following link


while calling the rate service I am getting "Rating is temporarily unavailable, please try again later." error

My App Rate service URL is https://wsbeta.fedex.com:443/web-services/rate

Please help me with a solution.

Thanks in advance.
8 months ago
I get this same error in 4.3, is it possible Fed-ex test server is down or could it be something else?
8 months ago
Be sure you are using the production url https://gateway.fedex.com:443/web-services  (with production keys)
8 months ago
Thanks for the reply. When signing up for a test account on the fed-ex developer website, they send this email. They should not send this email out if the test server doesn't even work.
Thanks again, I'll try production.

You're ready to test your FedEx Web Services integration.
Now that you've reviewed the documentation and downloaded the WSDLs, you're ready to test your application. You should have received your Test Key on the confirmation page when registering for credentials. Below are the remaining test credentials you requested.
Test Account Information
Test URL: https://wsbeta.fedex.com:443/web-services
Test Password: *************************
8 months ago
Yes, it's a bit confusing... That's meant for developers doing new integrations.  The nopCommerce FedEx plugin is 'approved', so you don't need to go through testing.
8 months ago
Ok thanks for clarifying. I did a demo site for a client a few months ago using the test keys and it worked at one time, so that is what makes it more confusing, lol
Thanks again
8 months ago
So when I signed up for the Fed-ex test api a couple months ago, it worked. Now there is no longer a test api that works and we need to use production? And when I try to sign up, it says the customer needs to fax a user agreement before it can be used. So does this mean there is no longer a way to just test the web api anymore without having the end customer go through this process?

Before you can begin using the application you've integrated through FedEx Web Services, you need to review and sign the FedEx Web Services End-User License Agreement.
Note: For US customers, please fax your signed agreement to 1.901.263.1672. For all other customers, please select your country at the bottom of the Get Support page and email your signed agreement to the email address provided.
8 months ago
you could download Postman to consume the API outside of nopCommerce, any errors should be much more obvious.  Instructions:  https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25369015/how-to-test-fedex-api-in-website
8 months ago
It looks like the test server works for some addresses, like US and Canada. I can even enter an invalid US address and it gives real error messages, like "Destination postal code missing or invalid." but if I enter an invalid address in Argentina or some other countries, I get:
Rating is temporarily unavailable, please try again later.
8 months ago
I'm not sure what FedEx services are available for Argentina, but make sure those international services are enabled under "Carrier Services Offered" in the plugin configuration.  

To really see what's happening you'll need the source code to step through and debug.