Installation failed on local machine

1 month ago
Hi everybody,
tried to install 4.2 on local machine and run using vs 2019.
Received lots of aspnetcore version errors.
db ist successfully written.
"project not compatible with netcoreapp2.2 (netcoreapp,Version=v2.2)
How can i fix that?
1 month ago
Where did you download from ?
Did you setup the requirements?
Open the correct project NopCommerce.sln ?
1 month ago
Do i need the 2.2.5 SDK?
So, i got 3.1 and 2.2.207 a.s.o...
1 month ago
Yes I have 2.2.5 there is a 2.2.8 not sure about that one.
1 month ago
Thanks a lot for your help. Fixed it!