GDPR and Cookies

4 days ago

We're running nopcommerce version 4.0 with the Emporium theme and have some problems with GDPR and cookie settings.

I've tried installing GDPR Plugin (, but it doesn't work correctly with our theme.

The only cookie settings I can find in nopcommerce is to enable or disable the pop-up box, which doesn't make it legal according to GDPR.

Do I have to install other plugins or update nopcommerce to a newer version to fix these problems?
4 days ago
Hello,  GDPR support was generally added in version 4.1 and improved with later versions.
The so called 'Cookie Law' is much older than the GDPR regulation with somewhat overlapping function.

Btw (it is my opinion) you can never be 100% GDPR legal. you can only LOOK as if you are.
3 hours ago
Thank you for your answer.

Our problem is that we have a very specialized/modified installation and our web bureau estimates that it will take approximately two weeks to update nopcommerce. Which would be very, very expensive.

That's why we're looking for cheaper options to try to be more legal according to GDPR and cookies :-)