Fixed deposit amount for order

1 year ago

I have searched the forum for a solution to charge a fixed deposit amount for an order. What I want to achieve is to charge a fixed 10% deposit on an order on the subtotal amount. I don't actully care about payment of the remainder (this is taken care of outside of the scope of the shop). Since I have a custom payment provider plug-in, placing the right amount there is not an issue. However, showing it properly on the order summary is.

The only solution that I've found is here ( That solution applies a discount (say 90%) on the subtotal amount. Then I'd have to rename some language resource in order to repurpose the discount for deposit. The solution seems less than ideal to me, as it prevents further usage of discounts for their actual purpose.

Looking at the nop code, it seems like the only other option is to completely override the OrderTotals component and/or overriding the IShoppingCartModelFactory.PrepareOrderTotalsModel. That way I could place an additional field containing the deposit amount, but seems like a lot of work for a relatively small feature.

Any ideas if this is correct, or if there are other ways to achieve the desired result?
6 days ago
Did you find a solution for this?
5 days ago
You can search for partial payment plugin, although none are currently in the marketplace, so you need to go to vendor site