No SSL padlock on site.

9 months ago
The hosting company advised me it must be forced by nop.
A 7 year old post by Andrei 'Just set "SecuritySettings.ForceSslForAllPages" setting to "true"' at seem to be out dated

seems to be outdated.

In the admin site settings a search for 'SSL', 'SecuritySettings.ForceSslForAllPages' and 'ForceSslForAllPages' all return not found.

How can the new nop be set to force SSL
9 months ago
Those settings no longer exist in v4.3
I assume it just uses the setting in Stores and now automatically forces all pages to use SSL ?
Check your store settings
Click on the browser site info link and see if it says Certificate in Valid
Check the status of your ssl using a site like
9 months ago
Hi Yidna

Almost there the site still does not have a padlock

Summary of actions
An 'A" rating for the site was received from

I found the enable SSL option in nop as you outlined.
The Check box 'SSL enabled' was enabled (checked) by default.
Below the check box the following warning is included 'WARNING: Do not enable it until you have SSL certificate installed on the server.
There is no indication to rectify enabling an SSL prior to installing the SSL or if it's necessary should this condition occur

Recycling the site did not help.
9 months ago
Regards the SSL checkbox - you definitely dont want to un-Check it if you dont have SSL Installed
The browser itself deturmines if a site is SSL Secured and displays the Padlock
Clear the cache on the browser you are using - Try other browser to see what it says
What is your site addresss ?
9 months ago
I have an SSL and received an 'A' rating from
The same issue in firefox
The site is
9 months ago
The site now has the lockpad. I guess there is a delay

Thanks for your help
9 months ago
Definitely is SSL locked
But is not
Given that other sites are working on 4.3 (including mine) one can only assume its something outside of the website that forces the the http to https ?
And the interesting thing is once you have viewed https:// the browser wont let you enter http://
9 months ago
That is interesting. The redirect to https is not being done by the hosting company therefore it must be done in nop. Though I'm not sure how it was working before I installed the SSL

thanks again