Use Admin Table.cshtml style in public site page

10 months ago

I am new to nopcommerce, I would like to use Table view style of administration side as shown in below picture.... in one of my side menu of My account on public site.

can anyone guide me how I can easily replicate that behaviour.

Thank you.
9 months ago
Assuming question is related to Nop 4.3

On Public Site, Nop uses Table Style in Shopping Cart.

You could refer the same and implement, similarly.
Or even use any similar HTML Table Style.

If your question is more inclined towards using Pagination with Table, then its easy to use a Script for the same. If you need anything further PM us. Thanks
7 months ago
Create a partial view for the navigation links and call a ChildActionOnly method that initializes a view model based on some parameters that you can use to conditionally check which links should be displayed