Paypal smart buttons calculating total payment based on the total items present in the shopping cart of the customer in all stores.

1 month ago
I am using paypal smart payment buttons plugin:

This is an open source plugin. I found the following problem:
1. Make two stores: Store A and Store B. Add products in these stores
2. Go to store A website and add a product in shopping cart (say Product A).
3. Go to store B website and add a product in shopping cart (say Product B).
4. Go to the checkout section in store B Website and use smart payment buttons to buy Product B.

The button will take you to the paypal website.  Here you will find, paypal is asking for payment based on the total amount of Product A and Product B. Once you see the details on the same paypal website, you will see both products are added in the list.

I checked the client IDs of the paypal for each store and they are different. Also the webhooks are different as well. I am not sure if there is some issue with the plugin or it is problem in my system.

Any comments about it will be appreciated.
1 month ago
What is your version of nopCommerce and the plugin?
This error with incorrect order total for multi store was already fixed for 4.30 in v1.12, see details here.
1 month ago
My nop version is 4.2 and plugin is the latest present on nopcommerce website. The plugin URL is mentioned in the message above :
1 month ago
Thanks for the info. We'll fix it for 4.20 as well, here is a work item.