Cross Platform Package for DotNetNuke and nopCommerce Theme Store

9 years ago
We have been thinking about creating cross platform packages for a while. This is our first attempt. We would probably create a couple of more such packages to see if the DNN and nopCommerce echosystem requires this kind of approach?

This package is available our own Portal.

The nopCommerce theme is (Version-1.80 as well as 1.90) and it is named Verifive is our 5 different coloured versions of blue, green, maroon, grey and purple for nopcommerce (versions-1.80 - 1.90) which is the best Open Source e-commerce solution.

- Comes with 5 colour themes
- Clean design
- Cross browser compatible code
- Cross Browser Tested

Click here to see the demo -

If you have a customization requirements - please use this contact form.
8 years ago
I don't want to sound mean but I think your nopcommerce themes are way overpriced. I personally wouldn't buy your themes as they are nothing but changing a few color on the orginal nop css file. I understand you have provided many themes/colors in one purchase, but I doubt, by just looking at your themes if you did any innovation at all other than copying this already freely available theme (can be downloaded at
Again, sorry if I sound mean, but if you have to sell you themes, please develop at least something like these themes:
8 years ago
Can you pls explain more, what is it exactly, what is dnn+nop+mobile? what does it mean? How are they connected together?