Should I submit multiple sitemap.xml to Google Search ?

9 months ago

We have a NopCommerce 4.20 web site available in 2 languages (EN / FR).
- All non product pages are translated.
- Each product is created in both language.
- 2 sitemap.xml files are available:
  - Both seems to contain the same URLs (there is a 2 Kb diffrence on a 1600 kb file)

We found some indexation problems (page ranking is very bad):
    - sample :
    - For many pages, Google Search Console displays : Coverage: indexed, but not sent via sitemap (but the page is on both sitemap.xml)
    - Search with inurl:scott-road-bike-addict-rc-10-blue-red-2018 display a result, but not inurl:scott-road-bike-addict

We are reviewing our meta Titles / Description and I installed a SEO plug-in to generated Product Meta, but IS IT AS GOOD IDEA TO SUBMIT ALMOST IDENTICAL SITEMAP FILES TO GOOGLE SEARCH ?

Thank you

9 months ago
Hi Eric,

You should post this question to SEO centric forum like or You will get faster response with better advise here!
9 months ago
Thank you for answer,

I am surprised that a so simple question for NopCommerce experts  is not answered.
An eCommerce site without SEO is doomed to certain death.

I will certainly go in the provided forum (thank you again), but my question is specific to NopCommerce as it produce a Sitemap.xml by language but if the translation is equal for both language, the Sitemaps are almost the same.

BUT, I discovered that there is a third sitemap.xml available at the root of the site.  I will compare the 3 and if they are almost the same, I will submit only the one at the root.

If someone has real expertise with NopCommerce / SEO, we are willing to pay for advises which are more relevant than those given by the dozens of SEO audit tools available for free or some $ / month.