Keep Alive? Customer being created rampantly

2 months ago
Customers are getting created breakneck speeds at what I am assuming is because of the keep alive feature.  for example, below are the createdOnUtc timestamps for the last 9 customers.  a 2 GB DB got filled with these customers.   The delete guest task is scheduled to run but it just times out, which is probably because the table is so large.  

2020-11-05 19:14:18.5529745
2020-11-05 19:14:18.5090492
2020-11-05 19:14:18.2659482
2020-11-05 19:14:18.2517535
2020-11-05 19:14:18.0000873
2020-11-05 19:14:17.9872868
2020-11-05 19:14:17.7350966
2020-11-05 19:14:17.7182655
2020-11-05 19:14:17.5771360

Is there a reason for this?  I have another setup and it is not having the same issues.  They are both setup as AppServices in Azure Sitting on Azure SQL DBs.  On both instances I had the app service set Always On.
2 months ago
It's not likely the Keep Alive; assuming you even have that scheduled task enabled. the default is 300 seconds.  you can disable it if concerned.

What is the IP address of the guest record?  More likely they are bots / crawlers.  But if really excessive then maybe you are victim of Denial of Service attack.
2 months ago
Thanks for the feed back.

All the columns in the customer record for these "ghost" customers are null or default values.  There is no lastIpAddress.  Only Columns with values are Id, CustomerGuid, CreatedOnUtc, and LastActivityDateUtc
2 months ago
Then I think you need to look at the IIS logs to see where it's coming from.