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1 month ago
DIGIPRINT Supplies (BMG Media Source SL) is a one-stop online shop offering spare parts, accessories, software and tools for all brands of eco-solvent, solvent and UV digital wide-format printers. The company was established in 2007 and has primarily sold all of their products through a customized website built on Magento v1. In October 2019, the company was purchased by S-One Holdings. During the acquisition we discovered that Magento v1 was reaching end-of-life and needed to be either upgraded to Magento v2 or moved to a different platform.

We’ve built several sites on nopCommerce and determined that with our in-house expertise, experience, and our existing plugin development base that nopCommerce was a perfect fit and would require less work than upgrading to the next version of Magento. We began development April 1st 2020 and launched the site Sept 1st 2020.

Our in-house team performed the following:
- Built 40 plugins to handle 98% of the customizations needed to port the site over.

- Migrated 20k products (simple and configurable), 240 categories, 171,000 orders and 100,000 customers from Magento to nopCommerce.

- Created two stores within the nopCommerce instance to handle traffic from the United States ( and the rest of the world (

- Translated the site and all of the customizations to 5 different languages.

- Built a middle-tier architecture to handle data integrations with our CRM provider, our ERP, and a host of other services such as Hubspot, Zendesk, Facebook, Google, UPS, etc…

- Created 5 different methods for accepting payments.

- Enhanced the site search and category faceted search with a custom implementation of SOLR.

The site migration was completed on time and has given us a better platform to build and develop new features as the site and company continues to grow.
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Nice job!
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Good job.
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Looks good, nicely done. Thanks for sharing, it's really valuable if someone is looking for sites migrated from Magento to nopCommerce with lot of customization. Good Job.