This plugin would show all of the defined specification attributes in a new tab(or panel) in the edit product’s details page. Each specification attributes and their fields would be shown in a row separated by lines. The store owner would find the specification attribute which they want to add to the product then assigning values to that attribute. After assigning values to each of the desired specification attributes, a simple save would be enough. All of the specifications attributes which have been assigned value would be shown in the product’s detail page. At the same time with removing the specification attribute’s values, the specification attribute would not be shown on the product’s detail page.

With this plugin the store owner can edit the product’s specification attributes in an “Inline” manner without the need of changing pages, the store owner would be able to simply add new specification attributes and the store owner would be able to add multiple entries for the “Custom Text” specification attribute type.

This plugin would make the process of assigning specification attributes and their values to products much easier and faster which make this plugin ideal for stores with a large catalog which has a good number of specification attributes.

If the number of specification attributes is large, you can group the specification attributes.

Link : Manage all specification attribute in edit product Plugin