Nop slider not working.

2 weeks ago
All these slider  (qBoSlider multi-widget plugin, Anywhere Slider by nopStation, OCarousels Plugin) not working after instalation. They stoped my website after delete them from folder them website start working. why i can't understand. i am also use same version of nop commerce and plugin. i need a free slider if any one know tell me about the plugin and the plugins related problem.
2 weeks ago
do you find any error log from admin -> system -> logs?
1 week ago
After clear logs and doing some other setting all slider installed and work good. thanks for your support.
1 week ago
now plugins start working on local system but on live system after installation again same problem come. and live site start crash i can't understand why.
and this error message show:

HTTP Error 500.30 - ASP.NET Core app failed to start
Common solutions to this issue:
The app failed to start
The app started but then stopped
The app started but threw an exception during startup
1 week ago
check application error log why not starting. here is the link how you can check
or need enable file log from web.config file
1 week ago
Hi everyone!
ashu1928, I'll very thankful, if you send me qBoSlider exception message from stdout files or nopCommerce logs.

This is very important to make qBoSlider better.
Thank you.