PayPal Smart Payment Buttons - Can't process cards

1 week ago
Getting a very generic message when a card will not process. Using know, good cards to test.

the message says:
We're sorry, but weren't able to add this card. Try again later or add a different card

Any ideas of the casue. Everything work great in our test environment.
1 week ago
Which nopCommerce version?
Have you configured paypal properly?
Any error message on back admin Log list?
1 week ago
I believe it is configured correctly. It has processed cards correctly before, but we noticed that sometimes it did not.
I did not find any error in the logs.

In chrome console, I see some errors. I cant' attach the picture here. These are some of the lines typed out.
handledErrors: Array(1)...
>0: (field: '_page_', contentkey 'pagelevelerror.cardInternalerror")
host: ""
inline_guest_versions: "2.18.2"
lang: "en"
path: "smart/card-fields/
1 week ago
This is the plugin:

Is there a better plugin?
1 week ago
MetalPressions wrote:
...In chrome console, I see some errors. I cant' attach the picture here...

You can upload an image to a free image hosting site (e.g., and put the link in your post.
1 week ago
I think we are going to try another plugin first.
1 week ago
Any errors in the log ?
If you are seeing some errors in then it would be good to post the error or an image
maybe it will help others
1 week ago
This is the image of the error on the site when trying a CC

Here is a link to a screenshot of the chrome console. There are no errors in the system log.