Add an Attribute with different condition

1 month ago
I add a product attribute (Material) with condition (size: 2" x4" ) now I have to add the same attribute with different condition and won't let me, this message appears "This attribute is already added to this product" I upgrade to V4.50 from 3.90 and the products I added using the old version are fine you can see same repeat attributes with different conditions.

1 month ago
I have just checked nopCommerce default 3.90 project. I found I can't add same product attribute twice.

possible solution (if you want to show 2 dropdown at product details page with same name):
1. add two product attribute with same name.
2. assign them to your desired products.
3. assign values to them

4 weeks ago
Sorry version I used was 3.7 and when I upgrade to 4.50 shows the attributes with the conditions check image.

Thank you