Direct Link to Specification Filter Using URL

1 week ago
Hey everyone. I wanted to get some opinions on this functional problem. It is an interesting issue that I am unable to find discussion about.

Say you want to use a specification filter for products by season. Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall. No problem, nopC can get err dun or use ajax filters from nop-temp. However, there is no meaningful way to link directly to the specification filter of say summer or winter. The reason for this is becaus the filtering is done client side and uses the # in the url. If the filtering system used links without the #, well then I could actually rewrite the url to a meaningfull url such as /summer-fragrances. After landing on the page, the filter would already be selected.

The other way to acomplish the same goal is to create and assign these categories to all the products. But this is overkill. The question is whether to have specification filters by season or use categories by season. But not to use both. Which makes more sense? To me, a combination of function seems logical. To use specification filters but also to use direct links to them.

Maybe client side is the only way to process filters? Or make a choice to use categories or a specification filter for a given spefcification.

Anyone else had to make this decision? Speicificaiton filter or category?

1 week ago
Got to this page

Click on one of the attributes in the left - e.g.   Intel Core i5

Note the URL in the browser address bar changes
1 week ago
I see. Can definately rewrite that url.

So the problem is now have to choose between nopC filters or nopTemp Ajax filters. Since Ajax filters use client side and # in the url. Ok then. Thanks.

Can even shorten the url futher.
1 week ago
RE: nopTemp Ajax filters
Try contacting their technical support and see if they have a solution/workaround.