Colorado Retail Delivery Fee

1 week ago
It looks like Colorado has a new fee / tax that goes into effect July 1st 2022. This will have to be filed with the state separately from standard tax filing. Retailers must also separately state the retail delivery fee on all customer invoices and receipts. It would also need to be displayed at the time of checkout.


Has this been looked into by the NopCommerce Team?
Unfortunately anyone selling products from NopCommerce that ship to Colorado will have to collect this fee at the time of purchase. They will also need to be a report get the fee total with in a time period to remit to the state.

Of Course this is most likely just the beginning of other states, regions or provinces following this pattern.

This deadline is coming fast any input would be appreciated.
How are items like this added to the NopCommece upcoming releases? Should I be posting this some where else?
1 week ago
Thanks a lot for suggestion. We'll check it. Here is a work item -
1 week ago
Maybe this is a shameless plug, but the Payment Director plugin might provide a workaround.  (Assuming you're not already using 'payment fee'.)  It may be possible to have PD conditionally create the fee based on shipping state = CO.  I think the localization of message could be adjusted to say "Retail delivery fees".  It should show as a separate line item in the order/invoice.