This plugin allows you to use extended the operation of a number of system functions and product functions. There are a number of extensions currently implemented:

Customer Attribute Entry
If custom customer attributes are defined then the customer is able to enter them on registration. If custom customer attributes are changed or added later after a customer is already registered then a customer will only be prompted to enter the attributes if they change their Customer Information. By enabling the option “Force Customer Attribute Entry” in configuration then when a customer is logged in it will check that the attributes have been entered and if not entered, then the customer will be forced to enter them on the Customer Info page in their account

Free Shipping Calculation
Shipping cost is determined before applying Discounts to the Shipping Cart Subtotal
(Includes modifications made to Shipping.FixedByWeightByTotal Plugin)

Order Subtotal and Total Validation
When doing Order Sub Total Validation i.e. Greater than Minimum Sub Total value set use Discounts in the calculation.
When doing Order Total Validation i.e. Order Total greater than Minimum Order Total value set don’t use Applied Gift Cards in the calculation

Grouping Shopping Cart Errors
Cart Errors are grouped at the top of the shopping cart and the Product Name is added to each error making it easier for customers to check errors on large orders.

Grouped Products Dont Display Zero Prices
For Grouped Products – where one product variant may have a zero cost don’t display zero prices in category page

Display Warehouse Stock Levels
Displays the Warehouse Stock on the Product Page providing the requirements for display are met.
A new Access Control Permission is created by the plugin in the Access Control List called Public Store. Display Stock

Master Category Selector
In product configuration a widget is displayed that allows you to select a Master Category. The master category is automatically saved when it is changed.
When the product is displayed and a master category has been defined then the breadcrumb associated with the master category will be display.

Product Shopping Cart
Displays a Shopping Cart List on the Product View to enable customers to better track what is in their cart when building complex orders.

Automatically Publish / Unpublish Categories
A schedule task runs automatically to:
- Unpublish Categories if they has no published products or if it has no published child categories
- Publish Categories if they have published products or published child categories

Topic Widget Zones
Widget Zones have been added to the Topic Display page so additional content can be added to the page using Widgets.

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