NopCommerce day 2022!

1 year ago
It's been 3 years since we saw nopCommerce Day. It is very much needed in this community these days. Can we expect this event in 2022, since the pandemic has normalized and travel restrictions have now been lifted?
1 year ago
We do not plan to hold the conference this year. But we'll consider it the next year.
9 months ago
Hello team,

I believe we can celebrate nopCommerce day virtually as well.

Lets have a second thought.

5 months ago
It’s been a year. Is the wider community still interested in meeting the top users, contributors, team and future of the platform?
1 month ago
Andrei - would you please consider this a priority of the platform for 2023.
1 week ago
Any plan for 2024?
1 week ago
differenz_system wrote:
Any plan for 2024?

No, we still don't plan to hold the conference