Installing NopCommerce with Plesk

1 month ago
Hello everyone ,  I was trying to install the Linux version  through the Plesk  . I  extracted the  zip. file  inside  httpdocs . I also made a new  blank database  that is connected to my domain . Unfortunately  , when  I  press my domain     I do not  see the Nopcommerce installation form . So  I cannot proceed to the last basic steps  . Instead of nopcommerce  , I see the plesk page  again .
Do you have any idea why this is happening ?
1 month ago
What version of nopCommerce ?
Do you have a appsettings.json or dataSettings.json with a database connection string ?
If so then the install will not run and if the connection string is not correct it would cause an error
You need to delete the connection string in the above files to run the Install
1 month ago
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Scott Walter
1 month ago
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