How to publish a code with hosting provider

2 weeks ago
Iam publishing my code with some hosting provider but it is not hosting into server .can anyone tell me how to host with a hosting provider.
2 weeks ago
Please check the documentation.
2 weeks ago

I have done every step in the documentation the above image shown iam having that issue.can u please check that image URL and tell me the solution.
2 weeks ago
Please check it:
2 weeks ago

Still facing the issue .This is the url of the issue    can u please check this out.
2 weeks ago
Did it work before
i.e. it works then stops working and gets the timeout ?
Is it a shared server ?
- If so its probably resources - Memory and/or CPU overload
2 weeks ago
Thanks for the reply, actually we publish the source code downloaded from nopcommerce site (4.6 version) this publish folder with a physical path we put it in our hosting provider("LiquidWeb") with the FTP details we are trying to host but it is showing error i.e image url in previous reply of mine.
My question is why cant i host the source code which is downloaded from nopcommerce?
If there is a way can u please tell me.

Thank you
2 weeks ago
You can host the published website - I just did it today
But you need to setup a lot of things and it takes background knowledge
Basically you need to
- Publish website
- Setup IIS
- Configure the environment
- Set the directory permssions
- Set the database logins and permissions
- Run the website
- If it does not work check for errors
-> Eventually you get it working

There is instructions in the documentation which have been provided
You have done a few posts and people have helped to provide solutions
There is ways to check for errors and work out what you need to do
But maybe if you cant work it out you need to engage the services of a proffesional to help you
1 week ago
RE: " the source code which is downloaded from nopcommerce..."

Just to be clear, you cannot "host the source code".  You host the "no source" version.  If you are using Visual Studio to build / publish your own "no source" ('executable'), then that's fine.

I recommend that you first test the nopCommerce "no source" version as-is, and see if that works for you on your host.  If that works fine, then you can better troubleshoot your "custom" version.
1 week ago
Hi @yidna

Thanks for ur reply its working.