nopCommerce ShipStation plugin (made by nopCommerce team)

1 week ago

We recently upgraded our client's website from nopCommerce version 4.10 to version 4.50.4.

In version 4.10, we were using the following plugin to sync orders to ShipStation:
nopCommerce ShipStation plugin (made by nopCommerce team)

Unfortunately, the nopCommerce team have not made this plugin for version 4.50.

However, there is someone on GitHub who has modified the old plugin to make it work with nopCommerce version 4.50.

Here's the link to the GitHub page:

Is there any way for this modified plugin to be published to the nopCommerce Marketplace? (after verification of course)

We would feel more comfortable if this plugin was made available at:

We would really appreciate some feedback.

Best regards,

1 week ago
As per nopCommerce Release notes for 4.50.3: "Removed the ShipStation plugin".
So, you can still get it from the 4.50.2 release - download the "no source" zip, unblock the .zip file, and extract the folder you need: