qBoSlider - Reduce size and center the plugin

1 year ago

I have been using your plugin and I find it very nice, thanks for developing it!
I have a question, in the site that I am developing, I installed it and it looks very good, but I would like to know if it is possible to do the following

I changed the size here:

and it turned out very well like this, it's how I would like it to look:

but is there a way to make it look centered? thus?

I tried centering the content of the div but everything is out of balance:

Thanks in advance!
1 year ago
I presume you mean this plugin. In this case it's better to contact the developer of this plugin directly
1 year ago
Hi! Thank you for your reply!
I will try to restore this bug and fix it. May be you can advice me some theme, where I can reproduce it?
9 months ago
I know that this message is late, but may be it will help somebody else.

Fast fix for this issue is next:
Need to modify CSS class 'slider-container'.
And there next two rows:    
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;

After this small fix all sliders will displays at widget zone center.

In next slider update I planning add something like slider anchor for widget zone left, right and center. Also add slider height limitations.
Feel free to write me, If you want to see some more features or some individual features.

Also visit qBoSlider GitHub if you find some bugs or want to share your ideas or feedback.