10 years ago
Hello everyone from NOPCOMMERCE team!
Could you tell me can I use Categoty SEName and Product SEName for SEOptimization? (nopcommerce 1.9)
The question is SEName or Metatitle? What is your advise.
Thanks a lot!

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10 years ago

SEName and meta keyword/desc/title are created for SEO optiomization
10 years ago
Thanks, Andrei
My question is what is the most important in SEOptimization - SEName or MetaTitle?
10 years ago
Both of them are important. Set both of them to get more search engine traffic. There're a lot of articles about it.
10 years ago
Thank you very much!
I'll try it!

Our site used nopcommerce is
7 years ago
Thanks, but what actually means SeName?? If I do an export to Excel, I get a list of SeNames.